Internal university funding

More information about the various internal university funding schemes can be found on the University's Research Support pages. A small number of schemes are detailed below:

John Fell Fund

The John Fell Fund is a University scheme which provides small grants to help to generate and develop research opportunities. It is open to all subject areas and can be used to cover the costs of a variety of activities. Grants from the John Fell Fund are often used to carry out preliminary studies and concept tests that will lead to applications for other major research grants and they are also used to trial and support new interdisciplinary working practices. There is one deadline per university term (typically Oct, Jan, and Apr).

More information on the John Fell Fund

Information on how to apply for the John Fell Fund

Small Award Scheme: awards up to £10,000.

Main Award Scheme: awards over £10,000 (no upper limit).

Applications to both awards must demonstrate how the proposed projects will lead to future activities, collaborations or funding applications.  

Heritage Seed Fund

The Heritage Seed Fund is an internal grant scheme to support research, knowledge exchange and public engagement with research projects with UK and/or international heritage organisations.

More information on the Heritage Seed Fund

Workshops: awards up to £1,000 to support researchers who would like to develop a collaborative relationship with partner(s) in the UK and/or international heritage sector.

Projects: awards up to £3,000 per application to enable researchers to develop and deliver projects.

There is an additional fund to support conversations (up to £200 per application) which is available to enable researchers to travel for exploratory meetings with potential partners in the UK and/or international heritage sector.

The most recent application deadline was Monday 3 February 2020.

Knowledge Exchange (KE) Seed Fund

This fund provides support for early-stage innovative knowledge exchange (KE) ideas. It can also add onto existing projects, to build or develop new KE around current activities, and support documenting case studies.

Funding of up to £4,000 is currently available from the KE Seed Fund.
More information on the KE Seed Fund

Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund

The University of Oxford's small grants scheme provides funds for researchers to develop, deliver and evaluate Public Engagement with Research projects and activities.

Applications are welcome from those new to or experienced in Public Engagement with Research. Funds (typically £2k to £4k) can be requested to pilot a new project or enhance an existing activity.
More information on the Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) funding

This fund provides grants up to £25,000 for knowledge exchange activities, fellowships, visiting practitioners, and engagement with external partners. Schemes include Knowledge Exchange Dialogues (up to £2,500), Kick-starting Impact Awards (up to £10,000), Impact Acceleration Awards (up to £25,000) and Top-up Awards (up to £10,000).

More information on the ESRC IAA funding