GLAM Digital Strategy Updates

On this page you will find updates on the progress being made against the GLAM Digital Strategy and the work of the Programme Board.

GLAM Digital Strategy Newsletter - December 2016

Download GLAM Digital Strategy Launch here (PDF)

Newsletter Highlights


GLAM Digital Strategy launched 25 November 2016

A launch event for the strategy was held on 25 November at the Museum of Natural History with presentations from Professor Anne Trefethen (PVC for GLAM and CIO), Richard Ovenden (Bodley’s Librarian), and Stuart Lee (Deputy CIO and acting Programme Manager for the GLAM Digital Strategy).

If you were unable to make this event recordings of the talks are available by:


GLAM Digital Strategy Away Day

On 25 November GLAM Directors, the Programme Board and other invited stakeholders participated in an away day looking at opportunities for collaborative working on the digital strategy, and obstacles to achieving that. They looked at the challenges of the GLAM digitisation goals and explored what the next steps would look like and the current implementation plan - adding to it where necessary and discussing priorities.

It was agreed that, whilst we will look for opportunities to share services and expertise, the individual needs of the differing units and their users must always be accommodated. That said, some clear shared priorities emerged around fundraising, consolidating processes wherever possible, and creating a shared narrative and vision to the outside world. The magnitude of the task was not underestimated but that should not limit our ambitions and in 3-5 years we should be rivalling our global competitors. 

We will be greatly assisted in this through the appointment of a new Programme Manager (Jonathan Ray) who will be working full-time on the GLAM Digital Strategy for at least the next 3 years.


GLAM Digital Strategy Implementation Programme Board 

This Board will meet approximately six times a year (for more details on its terms of reference and projects already approved or under discussion – see FAQ). At its meeting on 1 December, items discussed were:

  • the event on the 25 November and follow-up actions
  • the appointment of Jonathan Ray as the new Programme Manager (starting in January)
  • the need to bring in academic representatives to the Board.