Volunteering with Visitors

Volunteers help us to offer a varied programme of activities to thousands of visitors each year. ‘Public Engagement’ volunteering is about being a warm and supportive team player – ready to lend a hand, and always with a smile.

If you would enjoy interacting with visitors and making their visits the best that they can be, then please read on!


Ad hoc volunteering

Most of our volunteers help on an irregular, ad hoc basis: welcoming visitors, running simple gallery activities, and gathering feedback.

Events may be aimed at families, schools, the general public, and/or invited guests. They usually take place during the holidays and on Saturdays, although there are occasional opportunities to get involved during the week – both daytime and evening.

Volunteers help as much or as little as they like, subject to availability (we try to share slots out at quieter times and we do our best to encourage more volunteers along at busier times!).

With all of these opportunities, enthusiasm is more important than experience or expertise. As long as you’re willing to give it a go and get stuck in, then staff will tell you everything you need to know at a short briefing before the event starts.

The first step to getting involved in ad hoc volunteering is to attend a Public Engagement induction. These happen throughout the year and are advertised to our mailing list.


More regular volunteering

Some volunteers are part of a specific team and help more regularly with particular sessions, including delivering tours, running object handling, engaging families, and assisting on the welcome desk.

Great communication skills are key to this type of volunteering, which is all about sharing a love for a particular museum and inspiring others!

These opportunities are advertised and recruited for as and when teams need topping-up – often just once or twice a year. Because of the extra training involved, the anticipated commitment is generally greater and there may be more competition to join in.


For more information, please see our General Guidelines for Volunteers.

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