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The Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM) group, formerly known as Academic Services and University Collections (ASUC), includes the providers of the major academic services to the divisions, and also departments with responsibilities including, but extending beyond, the immediate teaching and research needs of the University. The collections embodied within these departments are an essential part of the University’s wider nature and mission. They are part of its heritage as the country’s oldest University and now form a resource of national and international importance for teaching, research and cultural life; they also make a major contribution to the University’s outreach and access missions.

The Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM) Group, under the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (GLAM), is responsible, in conjunction with their respective governance committees, for the Bodleian Libraries, the University’s museums and Botanic Garden. GLAM exists to represent these and to coordinate related budgets, policy, and strategy, in support of the University’s academic, research and teaching activities, and its heritage and legal responsibilities. Within GLAM, the Secretariat, under the direction of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, provides co-ordination and support for the departments.

The cost-effective provision of world-class resources in support of (a) teaching and learning (b) research, and (c) access and outreach for the University of Oxford and, where appropriate, national and international users and audiences. To secure staff and non-staff resources, equipment, and an estate optimally fitted to achieve those objectives.

Each of the departments in GLAM has a governing body prescribed by Statute or Regulation: the Curators of the University Libraries and the Boards of Visitors of the individual museums and of the Botanic Garden.

The GLAM Group falls within the portfolio of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (GLAM), who chairs an overarching Strategy Group, comprising the heads of the main constituent sectors.


The GLAM Secretariat is also responsible for the administration of three licensing schemes on behalf of the University as a whole: those of the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), the Educational Recording Agency (ERA) and the Open University Off-Air Recording Scheme.

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For contacts for particular GLAM departments, see the individual department's own site, and to identify the correct contact for a particular committee, see the committees list (SSO protected).

For all general enquiries about the GLAM group, in the first instance please contact:

  • Email: asuc@admin.ox.ac.uk
  • Tel: +44 (0) 1865 270041
  • Postal address: Gardens, Libraries and Museums, Univeristy Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD, UK.

For further internal contacts please see the GLAM Officers page (SSO protected).

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