Pitt Rivers Museum

The Pitt Rivers Museum cares for one of the world’s great collections of anthropology and world archaeology.  Coming from all corners of the globe, and all periods in human history, the collection not only includes great cultural treasures but also tens of thousands of everyday objects which illustrate the diversity of cultural solutions to the same basic problems that we all face as humans beings. This aspect is highlighted by the Museum’s unique displays, which group artefacts primarily by type or function, rather than the particular culture or region from which the artefacts come.  The artefact collection is complemented by an equally large and important collection of fieldwork and other photographs, along with audio recordings and manuscripts.

The Museum is currently delivering VERVE, a £1.6m project, funded by the Heritage Lottery and a number of other generous supporters.  The five year project will conserve some 2,000 artefacts and redisplay them in re-lighted case runs across all three of the Museum’s floors, while still preserving the Museum’s distinctive period atmosphere.  Running alongside VERVE’s conservation and re-display components is a wide-ranging programme of free public activities illuminating the ways in which human creativity has driven developments in design and technologies.

Director:  Dr Laura Van Broekhoven


Gallery View, Pitt Rivers Museum
Student participating in education session, Pitt Rivers Museum
Red patterned textile, Pitt Rivers Museum
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