Whale Conservation at the Museum of Natural History

The University’s Libraries, museums and the Botanic Garden are a key resource for students, scholars and the wider community. Their world-renowned collections play a vital role in attracting the best students and scholars to Oxford. They are also the public face of the University. The Bodleian Libraries form the largest university library system in the United Kingdom. Our museums welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors through their doors each year, providing programmes of education and outreach for school groups and other learners.

To find out more about the work of the collections and how you can support them please visit our fundraising pages on the University's campaign website:

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About the Oxford Thinking Campaign

Launched in 2008, the Oxford Thinking Campaign is the biggest and most ambitious fundraising campaign for Higher Education in Europe. Having surpassed the initial target of £1.25bn in 2012, the University has a new target of £3bn. Funds raised through the Campaign support three core priorities: student support; academic posts and programmes; and infrastructure. All of this work is helping to address major global challenges to ensure a better future for everyone.

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