About GLAM

Oxford University’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums house some of the world's most significant collections. They provide important places of scholarly enquiry and serve as the front door to the wealth of knowledge and research generated at Oxford, collectively welcoming over 3.4 million visitors each year.

The four museums – the Ashmolean, History of Science, Natural History and Pitt Rivers – are home to over 8.5 million objects and specimens representing the natural world, global art and artefacts. The Bodleian is one of the oldest libraries in Europe and, with over 13 million printed items, is second only in size to the British Library in Britain. The Botanic Garden is the oldest botanic garden in Britain and forms the most compact yet diverse collection of plants in the world.

Overseen by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (People & GLAM), the GLAM division represents these six departments, and coordinates related budgets, policy and strategy in support of the University’s academic, research and teaching activities, and its heritage and legal responsibilities.

The GLAM Divisional Office, under the direction of the GLAM Dvisional Secretary, provides coordination and support for the six GLAM departments.

The cost-effective provision of world-class resources in support of (a) teaching and learning (b) research, and (c) access and outreach for the University of Oxford and, where appropriate, national and international users and audiences. To secure staff and non-staff resources, equipment and an estate optimally fitted to achieve those objectives.

Each of the departments in GLAM has a governing body prescribed by Statute or Regulation: the Curators of the University Libraries and the Boards of Visitors of the individual museums and of the Botanic Garden.

The GLAM Board comprises the directors of the six GLAM departments and is chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (People & GLAM).


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