Public engagement with research

High-quality public engagement with research is a two-way process which aims to generate mutual benefit for the public and researchers and ultimately enhance the quality or impact of research. 

The Gardens, Libraries and Museums are well placed to work with researchers from within Oxford and beyond to engage audiences with their research and achieve impact.

Find out more about public engagement with research at Oxford on the University's dedicated web pages.



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For further information, contact the individual collections or email GLAM's Research and Impact Manager, Dr Harriet Warburton 

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GLAM can work with researchers to:

  • organise events and advise on the development of workshops geared towards target audiences, stakeholders and partners
  • host events, workshops and receptions in GLAM's inspiring spaces
  • develop exhibitions that showcase research, creating a forum for the public to engage

Exhibitions, events, debates and wider public engagement programmes are extremely effective at engaging public audiences with research, while specialist collections staff are skilled in communicating with non-specialist audiences, evaluating engagement and demonstrating impact.

If you are a researcher who would like to work with GLAM, please get in touch at the start of your planning process so that costs can be factored into funding applications.