Spring news from the Multaka-Oxford Project

‘Multaka’ translates from Arabic to English as ‘meeting point’. Multaka-Oxford uses museums and collections as a meeting point for people to share experience, knowledge and skills. We work in a three-way partnership of staff from across Oxford University’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums, volunteers and local community to create a platform for cultural dialogue.

From January to March 2020 the Multaka team of staff and volunteers did an incredible job of leading public tours, training, organising a family Spring Equinox event (which we adapted virtually!) and planning a touring exhibition of the Courtauld collection. Despite the Gardens, Libraries and Museums temporarily closing in mid-March, the Multaka team continue to progress activity virtually, creating a ‘meeting point’ online.

Find out more by reading the Multaka-Oxford Spring 2020 newsletter, visit the project Twitter page or the fantastic blog page with contributions by all those involved in Multaka-Oxford.