Stoke Mandeville


Display of masks created by project participants

GLAM's Education Team works in partnership with the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, alongside their Arts Co-ordinator, Vivienne Gordon, to deliver an on-going programme of object handling and art activities to in patients and day patients.

2-3 programmes are facilitated each year, consisting of a series of 4-5 workshops on a particular theme/topic, decided upon in consultation with the staff and patients. 

Recent themes have been inspired by temporary exhibitions at the museums, such as Spellbound at the Ashmolean.

These sessions involve handling relevant museum objects and using them for inspiration for an art/craft activity.

The activities are designed in conjunction with the Centre staff to make sure the various needs and abilities of the patients are taken into account, particularly the need to avoid or practice certain hand movements during the activities.

The work produced from the workshops is often then displayed at the Centre.

Golden artworks hanging from white branches