Our Volunteers

The vast majority of our volunteers help by contributing to public engagement activities. 

We therefore hope and anticipate that our volunteers:

  • are welcoming and friendly
    they always have a ready smile
  • are engaging and enthusiastic 
    they enjoy learning and want others to enjoy learning, too
  • are willing and interested 
    they understand that volunteering isn’t always glamorous but can see the benefits of everything they do
  • are observant and helpful 
    they are attentive to visitors’ needs and can judge situations and act accordingly
  • are eager to share, not tell 
    they let the objects do the talking as much as possible
  • inspire a sense of discovery and enjoyment 
    they encourage visitors to find out more
  • enjoy the roles they do 
    they are reliable and always do the best they can
  • are part of a team 
    they feel a sense of camaraderie from working towards a common goal
  • care about the museums and about visitors’ experiences in them 
    they leave knowing that they have made a difference

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