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Glossary of terms used

This list is not exhaustive and not definitive, and should only be used for general guidance. For more information, please see GLAAD glossaries.

Sex: Biologically determined. People can be male, female or intersex, which is a combination of both. Intersex animal or plant species are sometimes called hermaphrodites, but people should not be called this as it is offensive.

Gender, gender identity or gender role: The behaviour, roles and activities associated with the different sexes depending on the culture a person is from. This can be binary (male and female) or non-binary.

Transgender or trans: An umbrella term for people whose gender identity does not ususally match their sex.

Sexuality: A person’s sexual orientation or preference.

Cis-gendered or hetero-normative: People who relate to the gender and sexuality most commonly associated in their culture with their sex.

Queer: A word used derogatively in the past, which has been reclaimed by some people to refer to non-binary or non-hetero-normative people collectively.


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Further Resources

This is not an exhaustive list, but represents some of the support and networks available in Oxford and elsewhere in the UK.

University of Oxford LGBTQ+ Society

University of Oxford Equality and Diversity Unit

Oxford Area Academic LGBT Staff Network

Oxford Brookes Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Oxford Brookes LGBTQ+ Society

Oxford Lesbian History Group

Gay Oxford

Tales of our City

Molly: Party for Queers

My Normal


Oxford Pride

Oxford Friend

Oxford City Council


Gendered Intelligence

Being Gay is OK

Mermaids UK

LGBT History Month

LGBT Archive

People’s History of LGBT+ Life in Britain (History Pin)

LGBT+ Oxfordshire

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